Chicago’s most Iconic Foods

Chicago’s most Iconic Foods

Chicago’s most Iconic Foods you Have to Try

A trip to Chicago will leave you with a slew of memories, the city itself is home to a plethora of captivating architectural sites, mesmerizing art galleries and is an amalgamation of culture and diversity that’s constantly evolving. There is one thing about the Windy City however that’s seldom acknowledged by visitors, and that’s the wide selection of foods which it’s home to.

The people of Chicago have always strived to be innovative and this is clearly visible with their food. Chicago is home to a lot of unique dishes and variations of popular foods such as the deep-dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dog. There‘s also a seemingly endless selection of high-quality cuisine made possible from Chicago’s diverse population. A whole world of food ranging from Indian, Mexican Chinese to Thai, Japanese and Himalayan can be found within hidden gems and highly recommended establishments throughout every Chicagoan district.  A visit to the city wouldn’t be complete unless you treat your palette to the unique culinary delights it has to offer, and there are a few which you have to try if you’re ever in Chi-Town.

The famous Italian beef sandwich has its roots in the windy city – invented in 1938 in Al’s Beef, one of the most iconic delis located in the River North subuirb, the sandwich is a culinary masterpiece which has won numerous awards since its conception. It’s a relatively simple concept: thin slices of seasoned roast beef on a long Italian bread roll with delicious sides. But simplicity is often regarded as genius, and this sandwich is just that. A must try if you’re venturing into the city.

Another iconic Chicago food found throughout numerous street stands and food trucks is the famed Chicago-style hot dog. Born in the 20s, this delectable hot dog is put together from an all-beef hot dog on a steamed poppy seed bun, topped off with yellow mustard, relish, tomato wedges, chopped onions, a pickle spear, hot peppers and celery salt. The combination delivers a powerful punch to your sense of taste, which will have your taste-buds doing backflips as you work through it. Portillo’s over on Ontario St at River North serves the most plump, delicious and well-known version of the Chicago dog and you ought to put it on your bucket list if you’re coming to the windy city.

A trip down to Armitage Ave on Logan Square will introduce you to a hidden gem known as ‘The Spice room’, where you can try some of the finest Indian delicacies in one of the most top-rated establishments specializing in Indian food. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grab a bite here and try some of the tastiest garlic naan and samosas outside of India? The Spice Room is an ideal destination for a good eat after sightseeing through Logan Square’s historically-rich, greystone-clad boulevards.

Or if you’re more for ceviche and camarones, then you’ll definitely fancy a visit to one of the many stellar Mexican restaurants throughout Chicago. The city’s Mexican population has played a prominent role in enriching its cuisine with not only traditional Mexican food but also innovative fusions of it. There are 5-star Mexican restaurants all throughout its districts and neighborhoods, like Mas Alla Del Sol on Broadway, the only street in Chicago without a suffix. There’s also the more innovative El Nuevo Mexicano on Clark Street in Lakeview – a district of Chicago with an endless option of venues and nightlife activities.

Or if you want to try some of the most top-rated Thai Food in the windy city, you can’t go wrong with a visit down to Bodhi Thai Bistro on Jefferson in Pilsen, one of the most artsy and detailed districts in Chicago. Who wouldn’t want to try some of the best pad Thai outside of Thailand here after catching a groundbreaking play at the nearby Dream Theatre on 18th street?

Chicago’s identity is shaped by this collection of foods and food innovations. They perfectly represent the harmonious contrast that is its citizens – Chicagoans are perhaps the world’s best example of a prosperous diversity of peoples, and their food shows it. The windy city is home to some of the most delicious foods you can find in the US. If you’re ever taking a trip down to here then you really ought to try as much different food as you can to taste what the city’s about.

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