Logan Square

Logan Square

Logan Square

Logan Square is one of Chicago’s most iconic neighborhoods, spanning across Chicago’s west side with spacious tree-lined boulevards enriched historically-significant, architecturally enticing infrastructure that speaks for the city’s history. Located some 5 miles northwest of the central ‘Loop’ area, Logan Square’s essence perfectly captures a striking contrast prominent throughout all of Chicago, characterized by a greystone-clad setting filled with an ever-changing urban sprawl and culture.

One of Logan Square’s most distinguishing features is the aptly named Logan Boulevard. Characterized by captivating mansions that show off a piece of Chicago’s history and some impressive architecture, this boulevard is best toured on foot by starting west of the I-90/94 underpass and walking west to the Illinois Centenary Memorial Column. The Logan Square Preservation also holds occasional guided tours and garden walks throughout this district.

Logan Square is a destination that has its fair share of history, and architecture buffs will find that most of its infrastructure and private-owned buildings sport an attractive facade. Aside from the abundant architecture, the next best thing about Logan Square is that it’s one of the most lively and refreshing neighborhoods of Chicago. The lack of tall buildings allows sunshine to illuminate the wide boulevards, bike lanes, parks and tree-lined pathways throughout this district, making it one of the most eye-opening and heartwarming places in the windy city.

Unbeknownst to most, Logan Square is actually a perfect destination for rock fans. It has more than a handful of venues that host rock shows every other weekend, ranging from heavy metal to indie rock or just classic rock and roll.
The Congress Theater is a well-known landmark in this district that’s been opened from 1926, and hosts an interesting selection of entertainment including authentic Mexican wrestling and indie rock shows. The Logan Square auditorium is also another hotspot for rock shows, hosting them on most weekends as well as hosting label showcases for notable musical labels hailing from Chicago like Thrill Jockey, Touch & Go and so on.

If you’re hungry then you can pay a visit to the well-known Cafe Bolero, located on Western Ave. This fancy little locale brings the best of Cuba to you, offering an immaculate dining experience alongside live jazz. There’s also El Cid on Kenzie Ave, one of the best spots in the area for quality Mexican food, offering outdoor seating that’s perfectly complimented by Logan Square’s abundant sunshine.
You can also get yourself a mouthwatering sandwich over at Fat Willy’s Rib Shack on Schubert Ave, or visit Buono Terra on California Ave for some classic, Chicago-inspired Italian cuisine.
As for drinks, Logan Square’s got as many bars and pubs as you can expect from a Chicagoan distrixt. The Green Eye lounge on Homer St is a local favorite, no-frills spot that’s admittedly one of the most well-known bars in the area. For the beer connoisseur there’s also the Map Room on Hoyne Ave which holds one of the most extensive selections of on tap beer in the whole city.

If you’re someone who can appreciate fine architecture, jam to classic rock music or are a connoisseur of theater plays then you’ll really want to check out this piece of Chicago. It’s got a little bit of all the aforementioned, and is a breath of fresh air when compared to the rest of the city due to its spaciousness and abundant sunshine. It’s one of the most relaxing districts of the city, allowing you to discover its hidden gems on your own pace as opposed to the hustle and bustle of other neighborhoods.

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