About Us

Established in 2013. Upscale Accommodations, Inc. has been rapidly growing and creating a presence in the city of Chicago. With a collection of some of the best views the city has to offer, Upscale Accommodations is looking to provide you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

After much success in our hometown, we have now expanded to Los Angeles and Miami. Whether it be furnished homes, luxury vehicles, venues and more, we are here to provide you the accommodations you need without the long term commitment.

Work hard. Play hard.

Work is a word tossed around with a condescending tone to it. At Upscale Accommodations, we don’t consider what we do to be work. We got into this business because this is the lifestyle we live and we would love to share it with you- we love what we do!

The Vision

Our goal is to provide the lifestyle we live to everyone. To expose people to a way of living they didn’t even realize they were missing. Although you may not be able to commit to it long-term we are here to provide you with a taste!

Upscale Accomodations

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